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San Francisco Chronicle SFGate Baylist Award (3-Time Winner) 

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Wines of France Class | Monday May 19th

From Bordeaux to Burgundy to Champagne, French wines are world-renowned for their quality.  What makes French wine so special?  What is "terroir", and does the place a wine is made really matter?  How do you read a French wine label and how can you tell what kind of wine is in the bottle?  Unravel the mysteries of French wine with us at Savvy Cellar . . . $79. Register Now!

About Wine Education Classes at Savvy Cellar:

The "Fine Print":

  • Must be 21 to attend classes. 

  • Registration fees are non-refundable.

  • Pre-registration required for all classes - bring confirmation to class. 

  • Do not wear perfume, cologne or other fragrances.

More Classes Coming in 2014:


Advanced Food & Wine Pairing | TBA (NEW in 2012)

This class builds on Intro to Food & Wine Pairing class.  Class includes a basic review then advanced rules, tricky pairings, ethnic foods and more adventurous and unusual wine varietals.  Course begins at 6pm and will move to a nearby restaurant for a gourmet meal and pairing dinner.  Price includes class, wines and meal . . . .  $199. 
food & wine pairing class, Savvy Cellar Wines


All About Bubbles: Champagne & Sparkling Wine | TBA

Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Puff Daddy . . . .  Throughout history the brilliant, charismatic, heroic and scandalous have shared a passion: Champagne!  A primer on the history and wines of Champagne; the laborious technique behind the world’s finest tiny bubbles; and styles of sparkling wines from around the world . . . .  $79.  Click to register!
champagne & sparking wine class, Savvy
Cellar Wines

How to Order Wine in a Restaurant Class | TBA

Confused by restaurant wine lists?  Intimidated by wine language, wine terminology and wine regions?  Want to try a new wine but don't want to waste your money?  You can begin to judge a wine by how it's listed on a wine menu.  Learn the clues of how order wine in a restaurant in this wine class . . . $79.

Intro Organic & Biodynamic Wine | TBA (New in 2013)

An introductory wine class to the concepts involved in organic and sustainably produced wines:  organic grapes, sustainable farming, biodynamic, organic wines.  Many wines available today meet some organic qualification but are not marketed this way. Can organic wines taste as good as the best wines out there?  $79.
organic wine class, Savvy Cellar Wines

Intro to Food & Wine Pairing (2-night series) | TBA

An introduction to the concepts involved in food and wine pairing through a wine tasting primer, plus food and wine tasting exercises and lectures. Students are taught how to use sensory abilities to identify those ingredients in both food and wine that complement each other.  Arguably Savvy Cellar's most popular class . . . .  $119. Click here to register NOW!

Intro to South African Wines | TBA

Did you know that South African wines are the fastest growing international category in the United States?  Explore the different regions and styles of South African wine, learn about the long yet tumultuous history of wine production in the country and find out why South Africa is commonly referred to as the place where "old world meets new world".  We will taste wines from the oldest estates in the country as well as wines from cutting edge start up wineries . . . experience Africa in a glass!  $79.  Click to register.

spanish wine class, wine education, Savvy Cellar

Intro to Spanish Wines | TBA

Come experience the beautiful and diverse wines of Spain. In a night packed with education, tasting and fun! We'll take a tour of the Spain's unique wine regions, taste the superstar grapes alongside the ones you've never heard of, and learn about the wine renaissance happening right now in this "Old World" country. We'll taste sparkling, white, red and dessert wines and you'll leave ready to book your next vino-cation! VAMOS! . . . $79. Click to register.

Italian wine class, Savvy Cellar Winesitalian wine appreciatiion class, Savvy Cellar Wines

Italian Wine Appreciation | TBA

Italian wines and Italian wine culture are a glorious gift.  But with over 2000 indigenous varieties (native grapes) and 20 Italian wine regions, learning enough about Italian wines to appreciate them can be overwhelming. This Italian wine appreciation class will explore from Pinot Grigio to Trebbiano and Sangiovese to Nebbiolo . . . .  $79.  Register now.

pinot noir class, Savvy Cellar Wines

Pinot Noir: A Wine of Passion | TBA

We'll share our passion for pinot noir in this upbeat and tasting-centered wine class.  Learn about pinot noir's regional styles around the world, its wine making challenges, pinot noir food pairings made in heaven and how to decipher a pinot noir label.  We'll taste pinot noir examples from Burgundy, New Zealand, California and Oregon . . . .  $79.  Register now!


chocolate &
port wine class, wine education class from Savvy Cellar Wines

Port & Chocolate | TBA

Experience the amazing interplay of some of the world’s most luxurious taste sensations: chocolate and port.  Learn how chocolate is made, from bean to bar and how different flavors appear in chocolate.  Learn also how the best dessert wines, Ports, Sherries and Madeira, are made.  Best of all, sample chocolate and port pairings . . . .  $79.

pinot noir class, Savvy Cellar Wines

Science of Healthy Wine Drinking | TBA (NEW in 2013)

Does a glass a day really keep the doctor away?  Come find out!  We'll cover topics related to moderate wine drinking producing positive health benefits.  Cardiovascular heath, cancer prevention, Alzheimer, boosting immune function, gastro-intestinal issues and more.  Give yourself another reason to imbibe with peace of mind! . . . $79.


Wine & Cheese Pairing | TBA

Wine & cheese pairing class provides an in-depth explanation of cheese. Taste several wines with an assortment of artisan cheeses.  Learn the history and traditions behind cheese production methods, regional cheese specialties, and the science behind pairing styles of wines to specific cheeses.  Author and cheese expert, Laura Martinez . . . .  $89.
wine and cheese pairing class, Savvy Cellar Wines

wine appreciation class, Savvy
Cellar Wines

Wine Appreciation:  From Vineyard to Glass (2-night series) | TBA

Taught by a Pichetti Head Winemaker, Aimee Baker, this wine class provides an overview of wine making, starting with the grapes in the vineyard through the winemaker’s finishing touches. Learn from a winemaker about the 30 potential choices/decisions they make before bottling. 


Wine Tasting for the Wine Challenged Class | TBA

Our most popular wine tasting 101 class.  Wine tasting is easy and you don’t have to be a scientist to figure out how to wine taste and find what wine you like!  Learn the basics in evaluating wines in this introductory wine class.  Take on “wine snobs” with a great introduction to the world of wine tasting . . . .  $79.  Click to register.
Wine Tasting for the Wine Challenged Wine
Class, Savvy Cellar

California Wine Class

Wines of California Class | TBA

Learn all about California wines such as the best-known and up-and-coming California wine regions, why wine grapes grow so well in California, the history of the California wine industry, how to read and understand a California wine label, great places to go wine-tasting and more . . . $79. Click to register.

Wines of France Class | TBA

From Bordeaux to Burgundy to Champagne, French wines are world-renowned for their quality.  What makes French wine so special?  What is "terroir", and does the place a wine is made really matter?  How do you read a French wine label and how can you tell what kind of wine is in the bottle?  Unravel the mysteries of French wine with us at Savvy Cellar . . . $79. Register Now!

Why You Taste . . . What You Taste! | TBA

Why does my wine taste like apricots, grapefruit, almonds . . . and chalk!?  Gain insight into how the distinct aromas, flavors, and textures develop in wine.  Demystify how they get all those flavors and scents from one little grape!  $79.  Register Now! (click here).

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